Sweet Muse of Madness
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If you are reading this introduction, it is most likely because of a deep love of history or mythology, or perhaps a passion for all things Greek, or maybe a desire for a memorable piece of historical fiction. I believe you can fulfill any or all of the above interests, and more, at this website. My own love of these subjects has compelled me to write the Song of Greece series of novels, to which this website is dedicated.

Taking place five thousand years ago on the Plain of Thessaly on mainland Greece, the story explores perspectives and world views that speak to our own time as well as its own. Its characters ponder, as we do today, their relationship to nature and the cosmos beyond, the roles of women and men, the point at which a child becomes an adult, and the question of whether good and evil come from a spiritual realm, or from ourselves.

Revealed within its pages is a moment in history in which, for the first time in the human adventure, a confluence of particular elements takes place. As a result of the advent of writing and expanding trade routes, an unprecedented interaction of peoples and cultures is ignited. Hunters, gatherers, farmers, crafts people, urban dwellers all begin an informal, and often tension filled conversation about this new concept of “civilization.” And those who see the cosmos through the lens of magic, traditional religion, or even through the first halting glimpses of skeptical inquiry, engage the mystery of Reality itself.

So please feel free to explore the other features of the website, and read the first ten chapters of Sweet Muse of Madness. Thanks for visiting, and watch this site for more novels in the Song of Greece series.


Best wishes,

Anthony Giarmo