Sweet Muse of Madness
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Anthony Giarmo was interested in mythology since his childhood in Guttenberg, New Jersey, where he was inspired by the mysterious forests of the Palisades along the Hudson, and by the skyscraping towers of the magnificent Atlantis across the timeless river. He earned his B.A. degree in Speech and Theater at Montclair State College in 1970 and went on to form a children’s theater group called Theater of the Imagination, after which he pursued a literary career. He self-published The Adventures of Freefall O’Keefe, an aviation story, in 1999, as an on-line print for purchase novel. Retiring from Kodak in 2004, his odyssey came full circle to his first love, mythology. Sweet Muse of Madness and the Song of Greece series is the result. Anthony Giarmo resides with his wife, Barbara, in New Jersey. They have a son, Chris, and live a short drive from the Palisades.

photo by Barbara Giarmo.