Sweet Muse of Madness
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It takes only one person to write a novel, but it takes a number of people to produce a book, a well-defined literary presentation that can be made accessible with professionalism and style to a wide readership. Such production, in our day and age, requires not only paper and ink, but pixels and computer programs. Fortunately, there are people very close to me who were able to transform my primitive analog sensibilities into digital media.

This website has been truly a family affair. Barbara, my best friend and wife, has brought her own organizing skills to bear in practical terms as editor and typist, promotional advisor and accountant, and, more importantly, was the primary inspiration for the strong female characters in my novel. She has been everything that a woman can be to a man, and I will never be able to repay her unwavering belief in me.

Chris, our son, is the person responsible for the physical existence of this website. He not only made it technically possible, but designed the look of the website, as well as the cover design for the novel, Sweet Muse of Madness in its bound, hard copy form. He will be providing this same service for the subsequent books in my Song of Greece series of novels. Chris has also lent his own characteristic spontaneity, commitment to being true to himself, and musicality to my own writing. If not for Chris’ presence in my life, the characters I have created would not have the diversity and complexity they now possess.

Finally, let me thank all of my family and friends who have been so supportive of my writing over the years. In particular I am indebted to and inspired by JoAnn Kasica, my sister, and Tom LaFerla, my blood-brother, both of whom, in their own quiet way, have demonstrated courage, strength and loyalty in the face of tough challenges in their own lives.

Madeline and Joseph Giarmo, my mom and dad, have been like the two hemispheres of my brain, my mother bringing her own artistic, intuitive nature to one hemisphere, and my father bringing his reason, his deliberateness and curiosity to the other. Without both hemispheres, both capabilities, operating at optimum, no novelist can reach his or her fullest potential.

In one manner or another, to one degree or another, all of the above individuals, and so many left unnamed, have contributed to the literature embodied by this website. The only real way I can ever hope to repay them is through my work, my friendship, and a simple “Thank you.”


Anthony Giarmo
21st Century Common Era
Planet Earth